Health Tourism

Health tourism means traveling outside of one's home country to receive preventive, curative, rehabilitative, or other health-promoting services. On the other hand, medical tourism has a strict medical definition and covers international travel for therapeutic purposes.

One of the main reasons why Turkey is the most popular destination is that it has a beautiful environment with four seasons. The delivery of transportation and health services is not interrupted in this way. In each region, high-quality health services are provided at the European level. It has a highly skilled and qualified workforce, especially in the medical field.

Your Journey

Stages of your treatment

Meet Our Doctors

You will receive a review from our doctors and learn about the most appropriate treatment for you.

Let's Plan Your Trip

After you and our doctors decide on the treatment, we will plan your trip for you.

Come to Turkey

As soon as you arrive in our country, we will pick you up from the airport and transfer you safely to your hotel.

Treatment Process

Thanks to Este Miel's reliable medical services, you will receive the best possible treatment in the industry.

Enjoy Istanbul

With the permission of your doctor, you can enjoy the beautiful city and Turkey's touristic opportunities.

Return Home Happily

After your treatment, you can return to your country with a satisfied face and stay in touch with our healthcare team.


Why Turkey ?

The favorable conditions that Turkey has in the health sector await you with its reliable services. In addition to increasing health costs, people who want to receive effective health services from experienced and successful doctors prefer Turkey for health services because it offers much more affordable costs and many conveniences together than in the country they live in.

  • In Turkey, it is now possible to receive world-class health services. In addition to the quality and the high-tech equipment used, we offer high quality service with our expert staff.
  • There are dozens of health centers accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI). Turkey ranks second in the world with accredited health centers, most of which are located in Istanbul.

Medical Tourism

If you are satisfied with the treatment plan and the price sent to you, plan your trip.

Duration of Treatment

At the first appointment, a smile plan will be applied using images and x-rays. We organize all the details and start the treatment.

Discover Istanbul

After the treatment, all you have to do is have fun in Istanbul The most beautiful city in the world.

Happy Return

After your treatment and discovery of Istanbul, you return home satisfied and happy.