Genitalia Aesthetics

Genitalia aesthetics procedures are performed for the treatment of congenital or acquired abnormalities in the vaginal and vulvar regions of women. Problems in this area psychologically affect marriage and hinder communication between spouses. The fact that a woman does not find her genitals attractive can cause confusion, embarrassment, and shyness, negatively affecting her sexual life. Using genital aesthetics techniques, patients can achieve their desired appearance and eliminate vaginal aesthetic defects that often cause social problems.

Many techniques can be chosen for treating genital aesthetic deformities, depending on the location of the problem. Inner lip reduction, outer lip aesthetics, pubis aesthetics, and vagina aesthetics are the most common surgeries.

In some women, the inner lips of the vagina may be larger than normal or sagging. The labiaplasty procedure is the most commonly used procedure to treat such abnormalities in patients undergoing genital plastic surgery. During this treatment, which can be completed in 30 minutes with local anesthesia, the inner lips are reduced so that they do not sag too much between the outer lips. Self-dissolving stitches are used in the procedure.

The inner lip reduction process takes 30 minutes. Patients can leave the hospital 1-2 hours after the operation. Patients are prescribed antibiotics and pain relievers for use at home. After 24 hours, patients are free to shower and continue their daily activities, including work and socializing. Sports activities can start as soon as a week passes. In two to three weeks, the stitches will fall off on their own, allowing you to continue your sexual activities.

The effect of aging causes the outer lips to lose their fullness, especially in thin people. The inner and outer lips cannot hide the clitoris, creating an ugly appearance. Patients who are obese or constantly gain and lose weight may have excess volume or sagging in their outer lips. To eliminate this, outer lip aesthetic surgery is preferred.

Restoring the fullness of the outer lips is the main goal of surgery. Fat is injected into the outer lips from another part of the body. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, and most of the time, no stitches are required. One week after the procedure, patients can continue their sexual activities. In patients with sagging problems or large outer lips, the volume is reduced, and sagging is eliminated by liposuction or other surgical procedures.

The area protruding below the navel is called the pubis. As it ages, this component becomes less rigid and may even sag, become hollow or protrude. Lipoidosis of the area is the most typical complaint in this area. Liposuction applied to this area can eliminate complaints about lipoidosis. When there is sagging in the groin area, the process of removing excess skin and hanging the area is applied. Under local anesthesia, this procedure creates a scar that resembles a cesarean delivery. After surgery, the patient can return to normal activities within two days.


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