FUE Hair Transplantation

FUE Hair Transplantation is one of the hair transplantation methods applied since 2004. The FUE is called to take healthy hair follicles and transfer them to the bold area. In the FUE hair transplantation method, 0.7-1 mm hair follicles from the back of the hair are taken one by one with micromotor tips and carefully added to the areas where the hair is sparse. Each root extracted from the “Donor Area” is called the graft and contains 2 or 3 hair cells. The number of grafts needed varies from person to person.

The stages of hair transplantation to be performed with the FUE technique;

  • - Preparation for the operation.
  • - Determination of the area where hair transplantation will be performed.
  • - Cutting the hair shorter than 1 mm.
  • - Numbing the “Donor Area” where the hair follicles will be taken, with local anesthesia.
  • - Hair follicles begin to be taken from the “Donor Area”. (This process takes 3 hours.)
  • - The hair follicles taken are kept at +4 - +10 degrees temperature with a special solution.
  • - In the next step, canals are opened for the placement of hair follicles.
  • - Special canal openers are used according to the depth and thickness of the hair follicles.
  • - In the final stage, hair follicles are placed in the canals. (This process takes 3 hours, and the entire operation takes 6-9 hours.)

After the Fue hair transplant operation is completed, the area where the hair follicles are taken is covered with a bandage. This bandage should be removed within 1-2 days. Afterwards, the patient is given antibiotics against the risk of infection and painkillers for mild pain.

The transplanted hair follicles become strong in about a week. During this process, the patient should carefully wash the head and clean the incrustation in the operation area. After the newly planted hair follicles grow for 2-3 weeks, the growth stops, and the hair falls out. The reason for this is hair breakage. After the shedding process, the hair follicles stay in place. After a week, the hair starts to grow again, and the hair in the front area grows in 6-8 months, and the hair in the crown area takes its final shape in 8-12 months.

In the operation performed with the FUE hair transplantation technique, hair or scars smaller than 1 mm may occur in the area where the hair follicles are taken. These scars are hidden when the hair around this area grows. For this reason, the FUE technique is known as a markless application.

Since you will need a recovery period after hair transplantation, you must take a leave of 7-10 days if you are working.


  • - Aspirin-like blood thinners,
  • - Depression medicines,
  • - Painkillers,
  • - Vitamin E and B pills,
  • - Multivitamins shouldn’t be taken.
  • - Alcohol consumption should be cut out 7 days before the operation.

After the FUE Hair Transplantation;

  • - The area where hair transplantation is performed should be well protected for 7-10 days.
  • - The bandage to be placed at the end of the operation should be removed on the 1st or 2nd day.
  • - Hair should be washed every day.
  • - Information about how to wash the hair should be obtained from the doctor.
  • - On the 7th day of the procedure, crustings begin to fall off.
  • - You must stay away from activities such as pool, sea, and solarium for 2 weeks after hair transplantation to get good results from the operation.

Every individual who does not have a significant health problem can have hair transplantation. During the examination, your hair loss type, hair analysis, and donor area analysis will be done by your doctor, and it will be decided whether you are suitable for the procedure. The reliability of the clinic you choose for this procedure is important for a positive outcome of your procedure. Therefore, you should choose a known and preferred clinic. At Estemiel, we provide the best service to our valued customers with many years of experience.


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