Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)

Skin sagging on the arms is one of the most common aesthetic problems. With the effects of aging and gravity, the elasticity of our skin and the elasticity of our subcutaneous fat tissue decrease. In addition, subcutaneous tissue loosens faster due to heredity, significant weight gain, and sun exposure. As a result, the skin hangs from the back and inner face of the upper arm towards the elbow. An application that effectively removes such sagging is arm lift surgery.

Why does the arm sag?
Arm sagging primarily occurs with aging and sudden weight gain and loss. However, the problems may differ from patient to patient. Sagging skin and fat accumulation are the two most common causes of sagging affecting the back and inner parts of the upper arm. This is because the skin and subcutaneous tissue are looser in this area.

Removing excess skin and fat are two different procedures used in arm lift aesthetics. One can use these two approaches simultaneously if needed. The procedure is done to treat arm sagging in the area between the elbow and the armpit. If the arm sagging is not severe, the procedure can be terminated by making a small incision under the armpit.

If the reason a person's skin is loosening is weight gain and loss, the skin may be excessively thick. In these cases, excess skin is surgically removed after liposuction is applied. Loosening of the skin typically manifests as elbow-length bagging. During such procedures, the inner back of the arm, which extends from the armpit to the elbow, is lifted.

General anesthesia is used in arm lift aesthetic procedures performed in hospitals. At least three days before surgery, patients should stop taking aspirin-like medicines that thin the blood.

Rubber drains can be used to prevent fluid accumulation in the area after arm lift surgery. They are removed a few days after surgery. A pressure bandage is placed on the area to reduce possible swelling and edema after the surgery. Although everyone recovers differently, it is possible to make a full recovery within a week.


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