Eyebrow Lifting

Our eyebrows play an important role in facial attractiveness as they help shape our facial expressions. The effects on our appearance, expression, and social life are extreme. Although age is the primary cause of eyebrow prolapse, some people have congenitally low eyebrows that close their eyes or leave an unnaturally wide gap between the eyebrows and the eyes. Eyebrow lift aesthetics aims to correct low eyebrows that affect facial expression and, therefore, the person’s social life for whatever reason.

How is an Attractive Eyebrow Lift Performed?
The most popular eyebrow-lifting applications are the suspension technique and botox. The treatment approach is chosen by considering the patient’s age, the condition of the eyebrow, its size, and the cause of the deterioration. Eyebrow lift surgery in the operating room is performed under general or local anesthesia. The procedure typically takes an hour. Patients can start working again 3-4 days after discharge.

The attractive form provided by brow lift surgery is long-lasting. But over the years, the eyebrows will gradually sag as the forehead drops down.

The patient's age and expectations are important here. For middle-aged individuals, eyebrow aesthetics may be enough to give them a youthful appearance. In advancing ages, combining it with eyelids, general eye areas, and forehead lift aesthetics may be advantageous.

The brow lift surgery aims to give your face an attractive shape. Before the procedure, your doctor will do an evaluation to determine how a brow lift will look on you.

A forehead lift surgery is performed to remove aging-related wrinkles on people's foreheads and restore the region's youth and vitality. It is a procedure performed to remove lines and wrinkles, which are usually seen in adults over the age of 40.


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