Eyelid Aesthetics

The aging of the face begins with the sagging of the eyebrows and forehead in the 30s. As a result, the skin on the eyelids gets stretched. The muscles in the upper eyelids weaken with age, and the amount of eyelid skin increases. The lower eyelid begins to sag with the cheek fat’s aging and gravity’s effect. As a result, the skin on the lower eyelid becomes thinner, and crow’s foot wrinkles appear. An eyelid lift tightens the area around the eyes by removing extra skin, muscle, and fat from the lower and upper eyelids. Eyelid aesthetics is a surgical procedure that aims to improve the appearance of the eyelids, reduce under-eye bags, remove wrinkles around the eyes, and make people look younger and more active.

An eye function test is performed before the procedure to adjust for the surgical intervention. Your doctor will educate you on the surgical procedure, drug use, the effects of smoking and alcohol, and the approach to surgical intervention.

During eyelid lift surgery, muscle tissue, fat bags, and excess tissues under the surface are removed. It takes 20 to 30 minutes for each eyelid to complete this process.

When the eyelid lift process is finished, your eyelids are closed with tapes attached to your eyes. You can still see through these tapes. Apply a cold compress with ice to avoid edema around the eyes. Despite these precautions, swelling and bruises may still occur around the eyes. After the third day, swelling and bruises begin to subside. The bands covering the eyelids may show slight bleeding and leakage in the hours following the treatment. Edema can be reduced by raising the head using a pillow. After the third day, the edema around the eyes usually takes 7 to 10 days to go down. Bandages and stitches around the eyes are removed during the day. There may be bruising and swelling when the bands are removed. Make-up can be applied to cover these bruises and swellings. The patient should avoid strenuous exercises, saunas, solariums, and sunbathing for six weeks.

Surgery on the upper eyelids is done with local anesthesia, while surgery on the lower eyelids is often done with general anesthesia.

In the first few weeks after surgery, a small pink line can be seen in the lower eyelid crease and upper eyelid crease. It's normal. Over time, these lines gradually disappear.


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