Beard Transplantation

Are you ready for a more masculine look to create a difference in your appearance with the beard and mustache treatment? Beards and mustaches are the most important accessories that complete the male appearance. Beards, which create a masculine feature by changing the character of the face, appear as one of the complementary details of many faces.

Physically not having a beard, even though sometimes perceived as an advantage to look younger, can become a problem for those who feel incomplete in their masculinity and create a psychological issue. On the other hand, burn marks or other scars can lead to losses in the beard and mustache area, which can seriously disturb people. With our beard and mustache transplantation, you can choose the process that suits your face. This process, which provides a completely natural appearance, is performed by our expert physicians.

As performed in FUE hair transplantation, hair follicles are taken from another part of the body, and then they are transplanted to the area to be planted for beard transplantation. The application is no different from the hair transplant application. No pain is felt during this procedure.

In general, around 3000 follicles are sufficient for beard transplantation. However, if the planting process is to be done only on the mustache area, 400-800 follicles are sufficient. The hair follicles used for planting are taken from various parts of the body or the back of the neck. In this process, there are no important losses since the follicles that are taken from the body are featureless. If the hair follicles are taken from the neck, there appears to be a thinning as much as the number of follicles taken from the neck area. However, since the hair grows around the area where the hair follicles are taken, there will be no noticeable change.

Beard transplantation is also applied for Alopecia Areata, scars, and burn marks. The doctor decides which strategy to follow according to the patient's condition. Beard transplantation is a completely hygienic process that is carefully done by our expert doctors.

Immediately after the beard transplantation, redness in the facial area and a small amount of blood are expected, but it is temporary. Your skin will return to its old, natural state after a shower. Thanks to the cutting-edge technological devices used in the transplantation process, the operation will be successfully completed without any marks or scars.

After the beard transplantation, the planted beards are expected to shed after the first 2 weeks. Those hairs grow back in 4 to 8 months and take their final shape permanently.

Mustache Transplantation

The mustache is known as an important part of male identity. For this reason, a sparse or absent mustache, scars, burn marks, or hair loss due to reasons such as Alopecia can create an undesirable appearance. Mustache growth, which completely changes according to preference, also changes according to the facial features of people. Today, mustache transplantation is an effective method for men who do not grow hair in the mustache area due to different problems. With this process completely done by our expert team, you can achieve the look of your dreams.

  • - As performed in FUE hair transplantation, hair follicles are taken from another body part to be planted in the mustache area.
  • - Mustache transplantation is not different from hair transplantation.
  • - The small amount of blood in the transplantation area disappears after one shower.
  • - The mustache transplantation area can be washed within 24 to 48 hours.

Since the transplant area is nourished by the cells, it is normal for blood to form in the area and the formation of small acne-like spots on the hair follicles. These spots disappear within 1 week, and a normal mustache appearance will be achieved.

Mustache transplantation can be applied for Alopecia, scars, and burn marks. The strategy to follow in practice and the procedure to be done is decided according to the patient's condition.


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