Dimple Aesthetics

Plastic surgery patients are increasingly interested in dimple aesthetics. Often, having dimples, a symbol of personal attractiveness in some cultures, means being lucky. Cheek and Venus dimples are currently in vogue among women, while men’s chin dimples are popular.

How is Dimple Aesthetics Performed?
Permanent dimples can be created when desired, but depending on the patient’s request and the compatibility of their face, cute dimples that appear while smiling can also be created. Dimple formation under local anesthesia is a 30-minute oral procedure. After the doctor completes the examination, the location of the dimple is determined by marking it first. Then, local anesthesia is applied, and dimple aesthetic surgery is started. Facial mimic muscles are stitched to create dimples in the defined cheek area.

After the dimple aesthetics procedure, a small swelling lasts for about a week.

The advantage of dimple aesthetics is that the cheek can be returned to its natural shape if it is renounced.


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