Myectopy in eyebrows and creases on the forehead are the first signs of aging, distorting the aesthetic appearance of a youthful face. Make you look tired, myectopy and creases on the forehead may affect effects a person’s social life. Forehead lift surgery is applied to prevent the formation of the creases on forehead and of myectopy in eyebrows. It aims to give a younger impression to the face.

How is forehead lift surgery decided?

An interview with your plastic surgeon is the first step before deciding forehead lift surgery. Your plastic surgeon will examine either you have any health problems or not and examine your face type, your skin and your scalp in order to determine the most suitable method for you.

How is forehead lift surgery administered?

Forehead lift surgery is performed by a surgeon in an operating room, under general anesthesia. Therefore, patients are examined by an anesthetist before the operation. Forehead lift is administered by opening incisions are on the scalp. This method is applied so that possible scars will not be visible. On the next step, the excessive skin on the forehead is removed and muscles and the muscles which cause creases are weakened. It is a frequently applied aesthetic operation which has high success rate.

What should patients avoid after forehead lift surgery?

Bruises and swelling are expected post-operation. Cold compress is applied on the forehead and head is raised in order to reduce these bruises and swelling.

How long does forehead lift surgery take?

This operation takes one or one and half hours.

What is the recovery process post-operative?

Bruises, swelling and mild pain may be observed the first 3 or 4 days after forehead lift surgery. Your doctor will prescribe painkillers to ease the pain. Following dressing and controls after the 4th day, you can go back to your social life.

How forehead lift surgery is decided?

Forehead lift surgery is a frequently applied method to solve aesthetic problems on the eyebrows and to get rid of deep wrinkles on the forehead leaving an older impression. Side view deformities and caved in forehead can be treated with this surgery, too.