Lips are an integral part face, completing its whole aesthetic beauty. They draw a great deal of attention because they are located in the center of the face just like the nose. Full and shaped lips have always been as a symbol of attractiveness. Some people have thin and indefinite lips and yet, aging can make your lips thinner, causing them lose volume. Lip augmentation treatment aims to volume up the lips without and to emphasize their shape without losing the natural look. This can be achieved either by using filling agents or by surgical techniques. The method is decided based on individual’s preferences and the condition of their lips. If the patient’s lips are bigger than normal then he/she can get reduction treatment.

Which methods are used for lip aesthetics?

Lip aesthetics can be made by using surgical or non-surgical methods. The decision is based on the patient’s needs and the condition of lips. Non-surgical implementations are performed by using fillers and they are the most preferred methods. Hyaluronic acid or patient’s own adipose tissue can be used as fillers. In surgical lip augmentation, a body tissue extracted from a part of the body is put inside the lip by incision. Surgical lip augmentation has permanent effects compared to the filling methods and it is administered under local anesthesia.

Is anesthesia applied in lip aesthetics?

In surgical operation, generally local anesthesia is applied. In cases which do not require surgical intervention, anesthesia may not be used.

Does healing process take long?

Lip area is one of the parts where blood circulation is the highest on the lip area. Therefore, bruises and swelling can be observed after the operation. However, they will fade away in seven or ten days.

How is lip reduction administered?

Lip surgery is not administered only to augment the lips. Sometimes it is performed to reduce extremely big lips. In lip reduction operation, an elliptic tissue with adipose tissues from the lip mucosa is extracted and stitched to the lip with a technique so as to conceal the scars. Lip reduction surgery is administered under local anesthesia.