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What Should Be Considered Before and After Hair Transplantation?

What Should be Considered Before Hair Transplantation?

  • Inform the healthcare team before the operation if you take any medicines (diabetes, blood pressure, heart medication or painkillers, etc.),
  • Drinks containing caffeine (such as coffee, green tea and derivatives) should not be consumed before the operation,
  • Since the consumption of alcohol, cigarettes or other narcotic substances will adversely affect the operation process, alcohol consumption should be stopped 5 days and cigarette consumption 1 week before the operation. (If the patient is addicted, it should be quitted 2 days before the operation),
  • It is recommended to have breakfast before coming to the operation as local anesthesia will be applied,
  • There is no harm in taking a shower before coming to the hospital before the operation. However, gel, hair spray, conditioner, lotion or solution should not be applied before the operation,
  • On the day of the operation, comfortable, easily removable and wearable (shirt or buttoned, zippered ones) clothes should be preferred.

What Should be Considered After Hair Transplantation?

  • Lie on your back using a medical pillow for 5 days,
  • Do not lean forward for 5 days,
  • Be careful when taking off your clothes, especially in the first week,
  • Do not use clothing (such as hat) that will come into contact with your head for 10 days. Just use the hat we provide you in the way we show you,
  • Do not rub or scratch your head for 15 days,
  • Avoid Aspirin, green tea and coffee unless your doctor advises you otherwise,
  • Do not go swimming or sauna for 30 days,
  • Do not smoke for a week,
  • Do not do heavy sports (running, basketball, football, gym) for 2 months,
  • Do not cut your hair with a razor for 6 months, after 3 months you can cut it with a machine or scissors,
  • During the first month, protect yourself from direct sunlight, rain and dust by using the medical hat we provide you,
  • Do not use any lotion (except for we provide) or dye for 6 months,
  • Do not use a towel or dryer for 1 month,

Your first medical wash will be applied in the hospital by our team and we will explain you how to wash your hair for the following 10 days.

The transplanted hair will fall out within a period of 10 days to 6 weeks after the washing process and will start to grow again in 3 months.

At the end of 1 year, you will obtian the final result.

For detailed
information contact.

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