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Washing Process After Hair Transplantation

What are the Washing Process after Hair Transplantation?

  • On the third day, the first hair wash can be applied after the crusts are completely dry,
  • After the hair transplant, the first hair wash is applied in the hospital by specialists,
  • Firstly, the lotion is applied to the transplanted area from a distance of 15 cm at a minimum dose. The lotion stays on the transplanted area for 25-30 minutes and it is rinsed with warm and non-pressurized water by making a tampon,
  • After rinsing the lotion, the shampoo is squeezed into the hand at the minimum dose, foamed underwater and applied to the transplanted area by buffering (do not rub or scrub),
  • Massage the donor area with shampoo,
  • Then rinse with warm water (not too cold or too hot) without rubbing or scrubbing,
  • Dry the transplanted area by making tampons with paper towels without rubbing or scrubbing (do not use normal towel or dryer) Apply this process daily for the first 10 days after hair transplantation,
  • Tenth Day After Hair Transplantation, Removing Crusts and Hair Wash Instructions,
  • On the tenth day, after squeezing the lotion and waiting for 50 minutes, the crusts should be removed by massaging with fingertips without using nails. After rinsing the lotion, washing should be applied by using Shampoo. (If the lotion is finished, you can foam the shampoo and massage it),
  • At this stage, do not be afraid to damage the grafts. All crusts must be removed by the tenth day in order to have blood circulation,
  • If there are remaining crusts, repeat the same procedure the following day,
  • Before and after the procedure, you had better send a picture to your consultant and have your status checked,
  • After the crusts are removed, complete a month by washing once every two days.,

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