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Safir Fue and DHI(Choi Pen)

Sapphire Fue

  • It is a state-of-the-art method that is the most developed of the FUE techniques and gives the most natural result.
  • It is designed with tips produced from real sapphire, which is a very valuable mine, by opening even smaller micro-canals on the area where the hair grafts will be implanted, to accelerate the healing process and the formation of minimal scabs.
  • Sapphire hair transplantation is actually a new hair transplantation method that is used to open the canals where hair grafts will be inserted, and obtained from natural sapphire stone, that is, sapphire crystal, and does not harm the skin tissue. Thanks to sapphire hair transplantation, bleeding is minimal in the operation, and it also heals faster and gives more natural results.
  • Since the sapphire tip has an asymmetrical shape, the canals opened are not straight. In this way, the hair grafts under the skin are protected from damage.
  • Since very thin canals are opened and Sapphire is a type of mine, it has antibacterial properties and shortens the recovery time.
  • More frequent transplanting with the sapphire tip makes it possible to apply to patients with more advanced hair loss.
  • It also has advantages such as a smooth bonding on the skin.
  • As the opened canals are very compatible with the hair grafts, they are transplanted at the most natural angle and there is no possibility of the grafts coming out of place or changing the angle settings.

DHI (Choi Pen)

  • Graft collecting process is the same as Sapphire FUE technique. The differences between the two techniques occur after this point.
  • In DHI hair transplantation, more dense transplantation can be applied, especially in hair transplantation in narrow areas.
  • In DHI hair transplantation, in areas where the hair is not completely shed, it can be transplanted more easily between the grafts.
  • The collected grafts are placed one by one on the Choi implanter surgical pen tips, the thickness of which varies between 0.6 and 1 mm, the grafts are transplanted directly.
  • Choi pens have a needle at the tip and this needle has a hollow structure in the form of a canal. Hair grafts are transplanted into the skin after the needle is inserted into the skin.
  • Since the canal is not opened, it is possible to implant the grafts more tightly and the success rate is high. However, it is a more arduous technique that requires experience and expertise. Grafts can be damaged while placing them into the choi pen, and if the appropriate depth and angle is not given while planting, the planted grafts may not hold.
  • Unshaven transplantation can be applied, only the donor area is shaved.
  • Since there is no incision, it minimizes the risk of bleeding as much as possible.

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