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Our Hair Transplantation Prices in 2023

Our Hair Transplantation Prices

There are over 3000 organizations performing hair transplant operations only in Istanbul. While some of them perform the procedures in hospital and clinic environments, hair transplantation may also be performed in places called “backstreet” without providing the necessary conditions.
People wishing to have a natural appearance in hair transplantation should pay attention to the quality of the institution and the patient satisfaction rate when doing price research. Patients wishing to save money while searching for affordable prices should also consider the health problems they may encounter if they have an unsuccessful operation. Since the donor area is not as suitable for the operation as it was after the operation, a patient can usually have a hair transplant operation at most 1 or 2 times. Therefore, the quality and success rate of the institution should be considered as much as the price policy is given importance in price researches.

2023 hair transplantation prices in Turkey vary according to the quality of the place where the procedure is performed, the transplantation technique to be applied, and the experience of the team performing the procedure.

A personalized analysis is carried out and the transplant technique suitable for the patient is decided. You can call 90 532 610 26 26 or contact us by filling out the form at to get further information about the analysis and transplantation technique specific to you. On the same day, you can get detailed information about our hair transplant prices in 2023 from our health consultants.


For detailed
information contact.

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