Neck Lift

Neck is an important part of face and thus sagging and wrinkles on the neck directly affect face aesthetic. Aging, gravity and genetic factors causes the skin to loosen. The angle between the chin and the neck narrows and disappears because of the sagging. Overweight people may have a fat deposit called double chin in addition to the sagging. These changes corrupt the contour of the face causing people seem older than they actually are. Platysmaplasty fixes loosening and wrinkles on the face and neck area and gives a patient a younger look.

Platysmaplasty is an operation administered in order to enable a better neck angle for the patients and remove excessive skin under the chin. Based on the examination result, excessive skin is removed with a little incision underneath the chin or behind the ears to give an aesthetic and youthful appearance to the neck.

How is platysmaplasty decided?

With the examination which will be made before surgery, our surgeon decides whether platysmaplasty is necessary and which technique must be used for the surgery. When planning the surgery, expectations of the patient and possible results of the surgery are compared and decision is made accordingly.

Is platysmaplasty and liposuction administered simultaneously?

Platysmaplasty can be administered in conjunction with liposuction on those who have excessive fat and sagging skin in jowl area. This operation improves and sharpens the contour of the jawline, giving the patient a more youthful appearance.