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Manual Hair Transplantation

Manual Hair Transplantation

A manual hair transplant is a delicate transplant operation. Manual hair transplantation, which is a painless and traceless procedure, is an application that requires one-to-one manual dexterity. The manual FUE technique takes the grafts one by one in optimum number and quality without leaving any scars in the donor area. The Manual FUE technique requires physical endurance, hand-eye coordination, and hand-motor dexterity. It is important that this process is carried out by experts in the field.

The manual FUE technique is a technique in which the grafts are manually removed one by one, and there is no graft loss. The manual technique is widely preferred because it does not leave any scars and does not require stitches in hair transplantation.

Advantages of the Manual FUE Technique

  • Provides recovery in the short term.
  • The neck donor area recovers one day after the operation.
  • It doesn’t leave any permanent scars.
  • It doesn’t require stitches.
  • Edema and bruising don’t occur after the operation.
  • There is no pain after the operation.
  • A maximum amount of grafts can be taken.
  • The patient returns to their daily routine in a short period of time.

Manual hair transplantation is highly preferred because it is a lighter procedure, has a shorter recovery time apart from other procedures, does not create any scars, and the patient returns to daily life in a short time after the application.

You can safely choose us for your hair, beard, eyebrow, and all other transplantation procedures.


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