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Lips Aesthetics

Lips Aesthetics

One of the most important elements that complete the aesthetic appearance of the face is the lips. Since the lips are located in the middle of the face, they attract attention like the nose. In the past, having big, lively lips was a sign of beauty. Some people’s lip structures may appear thin and uncertain, and as we age, our lips begin to lose their energy and fullness. Lips aesthetics application aims to highlight the lips by thickening them without damaging their natural appearance. Lip aesthetics using fillers can be performed non-surgically or surgically. The best strategy depends on the person’s lip health and aesthetic preferences. In cases where the lips are thicker than normal, lip aesthetics can also be applied to thin them or reduction.

Which Techniques are Used in Lips Aesthetics?

Lips aesthetics procedures can be performed with or without surgery. The condition of the person’s lips and their aesthetic preferences determine which technique will be used. The most commonly used techniques involve using fillers and are non-surgical. Hyaluronic acid or the person’s own adipose tissue is usually used as a filler. To thicken the lips, a portion of the tissue taken from another part of the body and is placed through an incision in the lip during the surgical procedure. Local anesthesia is used in surgical lip aesthetic procedures, which are more durable than filling-based procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions​

Typically, local anesthesia is used during surgical procedures. Anesthesia may not be applied in cases where surgical intervention is not required.

 One of the areas of our body where blood circulation is very strong is around the lips. Therefore, swelling and bruising may develop after the procedure. Bruising and swelling will disappear in 7-10 days.

Thicker lips are not the only purpose of lips aesthetics. The thinning procedure can also be used in certain situations to thin out excessively thick lips. In the lip thinning process, an elliptical portion of the fat tissue is taken from the mucous membrane of the thick lip and sewn with special threads that hide the suture. Local anesthesia is used during this operation.


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