Leg Lift

Our skin loses its elasticity and subcutaneous fat tissue is reduced due to the aging and gravity. This may be observed as loose skin in the inner thigh. One of the main reasons of this loosening is rapid changes in body weight and pregnancy. Skin on this part of body is thinner when compared to skin in various areas of body and it is less elastic. Therefore, loose skin in our body is first observed on this area. Loose skin on the legs is one of the leading signs of aging and thus causes one to lose self-confidence. Loose skin on legs can be treated efficiently by thighplasty intervention. Mostly, it is administered in combination with liposuction method and it is a suitable method for fixing the deformations formed after weight lost and in cases where an aesthetic improvement is expected.

How is leg lift surgery decided?

This operation can be received by those who have excessive fat and sagging skin due to the fluctuations in weight and of aging. If the patient has regional fat deposition on the leg area, this surgery can be administered in conjunction with liposuction. The aim of this operation is to give the patient a firmer and thinner body.

What should be considered after leg lift surgery?

After the leg lift surgery, compression stockings should be worn for the first week and a special corset should be worn for a month. In the earlier stages of recovery period, feet should be kept over the heart level while sleeping or sitting. There is no need of removing the stitches. Patients can begin physical activities four or six weeks after the surgery. Patient can take a shower two days after the surgery.

Can the other parts of the leg be lifted?

In patients with major weight loss sagging can be observed not only on the thigh skin but all over the leg. In such cases, not only the leg but also the hip and the back should be lifted. With an incision extended to the sides and back of the hips, excessive skin is tightened on these areas. This practice aims to tighten the skin on the front and back part of the thigh.

When can I go back to my daily routine after thighplasty?

Post-operative, patients are generally discharged the next day. They can take a shower two or three days later and continue their normal life in seven to ten days.