Laminate Veneer

What is Porcelain Laminate Veneer Treatment?

Aesthetic dentistry aims to renew teeth in a natural and aesthetic way as well as health. With the help of newly developing techniques and successful results in recent years increase the interest in this field of dentistry, it is getting increasingly possible to get an aesthetic smile in a shorter amount of time.

Thin porcelain leaf ceramic application applied to the tooth surface, which has an important place among the applications of aesthetic dentistry, is named with various names such as laminate veneer, porcelain veneer, laminated tooth or leaf porcelain. One of the most important advantages of this method is that in standard crowns, the entire tooth is cut, while in laminate veneer only some abrasion on the front surface of the tooth is sufficient.

Who are eligible for Laminate Veneer treatment?

You can treat many dental problems with laminate veneers. The main dental problems are;

  • Color disorders due to various causes (coloration of tetraxyl, advanced color problems due to genetic disposition or various other reasons)
  • Diastema, which is also called spaced teeth,
  • Broken and worn teeth,
  • Dental dislocations that do not require orthodontic treatment,
  • For those who want to correct the smile line,
  • When sizing teeth after gingivoplasty in Gummy smile structure,

Laminate veneer treatment can be applied to eliminate all kinds of color and size differences between teeth.