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Is 100% result guaranteed in hair transplantation?

Is the result in hair transplantation guaranteed?

Hair loss in men can continue until the age of 40. If the patient has no disease after the age of 40, the person’s hair loss is complete. If the instructions given after hair transplantation are followed and any disease does not occur, the transplanted grafts do not fall out. Double and triple strong grafts are collected and transplanted from the Donor Area. The main reason why the back side of the head is accepted as the donor area is that the genetic code of the graft in this area and the genetic code of the graft in the top are different from each other. While there is falling in the genetic code of the hair in the crown and top areas, there is no falling in the genetic code of the hair at the back side of the head.

For the patients whose hair loss occurs rapidly at a young age, it is better to perform the first session of hair transplantation with early intervention without losing the efficiency of the donor area. However, if there is falling in the genetic code of the hair that has not fallen yet as the age progresses, the remaining ones are lost, the hair that has been transplanted remains, so sparseness can be observed, but then with the 2nd session, the hair is transplanted again and the remaining areas are made denser and the volume is regained.

What is the best time for hair transplantation?

Thanks to the latest techniques used, the healing process is much faster compared to the previous techniques. Before the operation, a personalized analysis is done. Natural looking and painless transplantation can be provided without shaving. As the wound healing and crusting process is completed within an average of 7-10 days after hair transplantation, the patient can have transplantation at the most appropriate time for himself/herself, regardless of the season. Considering the profession of the patient, a suitable date can be decided by considering the restrictions to be considered before and after the operation. Patients whose workload is not heavy and who can stay away from dusty and dirty environments can return to work within 3-5 days after the operation. After the operation, 60% of the hair gains volume within 6 months and the final result is obtained at the end of 1 year.

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