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Screws made of titanium for the treatment of missing teeth are called implants. The implant process, completed by placing a dental prosthesis on the screws, does not cause any damage to other teeth. After the implant procedure, you can eat comfortably like with your natural teeth.
Today’s implant treatment options offer you a wide range of advanced dental possibilities to regain your chewing ability, dental aesthetics, enjoyment of food, health, and quality of life.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Anyone who is 18 years of age or older and has completed their jaw and facial development can have an implant. Before the implant procedure is performed, it is checked whether the jaw structure of the person to be treated is suitable for the implant. After this procedure, which is done by taking X-rays, the procedure is started when there is no problem.

    People who use blood thinners should stop using the medicine before the procedure. Implants are performed for people with diseases such as osteoporosis after receiving the appropriate treatment.

  • Before the implant application, the patient is given mild sedation, and the procedure is started.
  •  A detailed examination and an x-ray are performed.
  • Measurements of the jaw bones and remaining teeth are taken.
  • After the implant is placed, it is covered with the gum and left to heal.
  • After the healing process is completed, the prosthetic heads are attached.
  • There is a recovery period of 3 months for the lower jaw and 6 months for the upper jaw.
  • In some cases, newly made teeth can be placed on the implants immediately.
  • With this implant, the patient can comfortably eat, laugh, and talk.

The implant is made from tissue-friendly elements like titanium, which are placed in the jawbone to restore the function and aesthetics of the missing teeth. They are artificial tooth roots made from valuable materials.

Zirconium implants are generation implants produced to increase the resistance of implants made of titanium. It is used to increase endurance, especially for narrow jawbones. Apart from this, there is no difference from titanium other than durability.

More beautiful smiles are waiting for you with the implant process, which is one of the most important developments provided by modern medicine…


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