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How does hair transplantation process proceed?

Before The Operation

Necessary information is given to the patient for detailed analysis and examination results. It is very important to examine the conditions and medicines of the patients who have diabetes, blood pressure and heart diseases in particular. It is necessary to stop using the blood thinners at least six days before the operation by getting the confirmation from the doctor. Avoid stress for a few days before and after the operation. Beverages with alcohol, caffeine and smoking should be avoided before the operation. In the morning of the operation day, the hair should be washed and creams and other cosmetic products should not be used.


The next day after the operation, if necessary, the bandage on the neck is changed in the hospital. On the third day, the bandage is removed after the first wash. After the hair transplantation, the patient is taught how to wash the hair by our specialists who apply the first wash. Every day for 14 days, the patient must wash the hair with the shampoo and lotion we provide. It is necessary to protect the transplanted area from external contact and trauma for 1 week. Sleeping in a sitting position is a good solution in this process (with a 45-degree angle and with a medical pillow). Scratching and hand contact should be avoided. The usage of blood thinners should be started by following the doctor’s advice. It is necessary to avoid activities such as hard exercises, Turkish bath, swimming, excessive sun and dusty environments for 1 month. Hair can be cut without touching the skin with scissors for the first 3 months after the hair transplant operation. Hair can be shaved after 6 months. The hair goes through an adaptation process in the first 2 months after the operation. During this process, there may be a hair loss in the form of a breakage of the hair strands. This is quite normal. The transplanted hair starts to grow after the third month. %60 of the transplanted grafts comes out at the end of the sixth month. It takes one year to see the full result.

The Medicines Used After Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is an operation performed under local anesthesia and some precautions should be taken in the post-operative process. First of all, it is important to use antibiotics to minimize the infection risks. Pain and fever are normal after the operation and paracetamol is given to prevent this. Swelling may be observed in the transplantation area after the operation. An anti-edema drug is given to prevent the swellings and edema. The patient’s regular usage of the prescribed drugs, as instructed, positively affects the healing process.

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