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Facial Aesthetics

Facial Aesthetics

Below, you can find detailed information about the treatments we offer and learn about the treatment processes.



One of the most popular aesthetic procedures in our country…

yuz germe

Face Lift

The aim of a face lift is to get the excess skin around the neck and under the chin…


Lips Aesthetics

One of the most important elements that complete the aesthetic appearance of the face are the lips.


Dimple Aesthetics

Plastic surgery patients are increasingly interested in dimple aesthetics.

goz kapagi

Eyelid Aesthetics

The aging of the face begins with the sagging of the eyebrows and forehead after the age of 30.

alin germe

Forehead Lifting

The first signs of aging are sagging of the eyebrows and wrinkling on the forehead…

kas kaldirma

Eyebrow Lifting

Because they help structure our facial expressions, our eyebrows…

kepce kulak

Prominent Ear Surgery

Ears are important in facial aesthetics. In some cultures, having big ears…