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Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design

Today in oral care, a healthy smile is very important, depending on the teeth and gums. To have an aesthetic smile with healthy oral care, you can have the “Digital Smile Design” procedure we provide at Este Miel.

With the development of technology, many innovations have been made in the medical field. With the “Aesthetic Smile”, one of the greatest services offered by scientific developments, it is now possible to have the smile of your dreams.

What is a Smile Design?

 Correcting the teeth and gums that have deteriorated aesthetic appearance due to different reasons, following the face shape of the patients, is called a smile design.

  • Smile design is the process of correcting your aesthetic problems related to your teeth and gums in a way that best suits your facial features.
  • The important point in smile design is to apply the most suitable tooth and gingival structure to the patient.
  • Oral aesthetics are limited to certain norms with golden ratios, but in every case, every individual is completely different. For this reason, the treatments to be made also differ from patient to patient.
  • It is very important to understand patients’ expectations before aesthetic treatments.
  • Since the concept of aesthetics varies from person to person, it is very important for the patient that the patient and the doctor meet on their opinion at the end of the treatment.

How is a Smile Design Performed?

  •  The first step in the smile design process is correctly understanding the patient’s expectations.
  • Then, the patient’s mouth measurements are taken, and planning is made.
  • Intraoral and facial photographs of the patients are taken, and measurements are made with special programs.
  • The model suitable for the face shape is determined.
  • The images that will be formed at the end of the treatment are determined by these · programs and presented to the patient’s taste, and ideas are taken.
  • With the patient’s approval, the procedure will fully start.
  • Deformities in the gums are corrected.
  • Other necessary actions are taken.
  • Teeth whitening is done if needed.
  • A run-through is made for porcelain and zirconium applications according to the process.
  • Afterwards, the targeted design is finalized.

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