The aim of Facelift is to get rid of sagging on the skin of the face and neck area and also to do away with the fat in jowl. It is applied to lift the face and cheekbones as a whole. When combined with other aesthetic operations, it will help the patient look younger and healthier. Facelift is administered in hospital under an anesthetist’s supervision. It takes approximately two and half hour.

How is face lift surgery administered?

With the help of an incision starting from the scalp above the ears to the scalp on back of the ears, face skin is peeled. The tissue including the muscles which causes sagging is lifted with special stitches. Removing the excessive skin, temporal region, cheeks and chin area are tightened. Depth of the marionette lines is also reduced during this operation.

How the decision is taken for face lift surgery?

It is important to discuss your expectations with your physician in order to understand the process in and the expected results. This operation is performed under general anesthesia by a surgeon in an operating room. If no other operation is required to accompany the face lift surgery, the patient can be discharged from the hospital on the very day of the operation.

Does face lift surgery leave any scars?

A scar on the scalp hidden on the temporal region is left after the surgery. There will be a 3 or 5-millimeter scar under the chin which will not be visible from afar. Expected results are making these scars as invisible and concealable as possible.

What is the procedure after face lift surgery?

There are not important complications after the surgery. The patient can feel swelling, bruises and tightness on his/her face. Some of the patients are influenced by anesthesia and their faces may seem a little bit asymmetrical but these are temporary results. Face is dressed so as to leave the eyes, nose and mouth out and it is removed by the doctor in two days. Stitches are removed approximately in 5 or 7 days. You can go back to work and have a make-up in one week. It is important to avoid heavy physical activities and external impacts. Male patients should avoid shaving for two to three weeks.

Are the results of face lift surgery permanent?

Effects of the face lift surgeries last for years but since your skin will continue to age, the tightness of your skin is not permanent. This surgery can be received again in five or ten years.