Buttock Lift

An aesthetical buttock appearance and a slim waist is important for aesthetic appearance of our body and dream of every woman. Aging, genetic factors, gravity, rapid changes in body weight, and pregnancy can cause deformities on the shape and curve of the buttocks. Excessive enlargement of the buttocks, flattening due to volume loss, sagging and disappearance of the waist curve are the most frequent problems. If a person has a beautiful bottom structure; exercises, self-care and a healthy diet will be sufficient to reveal and maintain an aesthetical appearance. If the structure of the buttocks is in an undesirable condition due to the genetic factors, gluteoplasty can be administered. Different methods are used in gluteoplasty operations. The method to be used will be determined during physical examination according to the needs and aesthetical expectations of the patient.

How is gluteal augmentation administered?

One of the most frequently used methods in order to give buttocks a more enhanced and curvier structure is gluteal augmentation surgery by using silicone implants. In this method, the surgeon makes a 5-centimeter incision on the gluteal cleft to place the implants into the gluteal muscles. Since the implants are placed into the muscles to enable a round and fully shape of the buttocks without getting noticed. In some cases, silicone implant method may be performed in conjunction with liposuction. If the patient’s gluteal area is overly sagged, combined treatment of buttock lift and gluteal augmentation may be performed at the same time. In these operations, excessive skin is removed with an incision over the butt curve and targeted augmentation performed. The incision mark in these operations can be covered by underwear.

Shall I stay in the hospital after the surgery?

Post-operative, the patient stays in hospital under observation overnight and discharged from the hospital on the next day. The patient may have difficulties in moving and have pains for a few days after the surgery. Ingestant painkillers prescribed by your doctor will be sufficient to relieve the pain.

Post-operative, a corset should be worn for three to four weeks to aesthetically obtain the best result and prevent the formation of swelling and oedema.

Will I have difficulty in standing up and sitting down after the surgery?

Gluteoplasty is not administered on the part where you sit and thus there is no restriction preventing the patient from sitting. Yet, they may have some difficulties for a few days after the surgery.

How long does the recovery take?

Patients can take a shower as of the third day, following surgery. On the fifth day, they can turn to work and at the end of the second week they can begin physical activities. Bruises and oedema which will occur fade away four weeks after the surgery. During recovery process, it is highly important that that patients should wear corset after the operation for four weeks only except in the shower.