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Butt Lift

Butt Lift

All women want a slim waist and attractive hips (butt). These features have long been important components of our body aesthetics. However, aging, genetics, gravity, frequent weight gain, and pregnancy can cause an aesthetic decrease in hip curves and butt shapes. Enlargement of the buttocks, flattening due to loss of volume, and sagging are the most common problems. If a person has a beautiful hip structure, exercise, care, and careful nutrition will be enough to show and maintain the aesthetic appearance. Butt aesthetics can effectively result if the hip structure is inherited negatively. Different techniques are used to perform butt lift aesthetics. During the evaluation, the doctor decides the best course of action based on the patient’s needs and aesthetic preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

The lifting procedure using a silicone prosthesis is one of the most popular techniques to elevate and better shape the buttocks. In this process, an invisible 5 cm incision is made in the middle of both butt arches, and silicone prostheses are placed. Since these artificial parts are placed inside the muscles, they shape and correct the butt without being seen from the outside. The silicone prosthesis approach can sometimes be used in conjunction with liposuction. In cases where the butt sagging is excessive, butt lift operations are performed together. An incision is made above the butt arch to remove excess skin, and a targeted lift is performed. The surgical scar in the bikini area is still visible in these procedures.

Patients with butt lift aesthetics usually stay in the hospital for one night before being discharged. After the surgery, the patient may experience pain and difficulty in the movement for a few days. Your doctor can prescribe oral medications to help manage your pain. A corset is worn for three to four weeks to get the best aesthetic result from the procedure and to reduce swelling and edema.

Sitting patients are not at risk because the sitting area is not treated during butt lift aesthetics. After surgery, patients experience difficulties only for a short time.

The third day after surgery is when patients can start taking showers. They can return to work on the fifth day and start exercising towards the end of the second week. After the fourth week, the edema and bruising will gradually disappear. Patients should remove the corset while showering, which they only need to wear for four weeks after surgery to aid the healing process.

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