Brow Lift

Eyebrows are highly important for face aesthetics, since they contribute to formation of our mimics. They have a profound effect in our general appearance, countenance and social life. Although eyebrows sag mostly because of aging, some people have congenital sagginess on their eyebrow area, the eyebrows may curtain the eyes or the distance between the eye and eyebrow can be disproportionate. Brow lift surgery fixes brows which has sagged for different reasons and revises the shape of the brows which effects one’s facial expression and thus social life.

How is brow lift administered?

Brow lift surgeries are administered mostly by using suspension method or Botox. Choice of the method is determined by evaluating the age of the patient, current situation of the brow, extent and reason of the deformation on the brow. Brow lift surgery is performed under general or local anesthesia by a surgeon in an operating room. It takes approximately one hour and patients are discharged from the hospital on the very day of the operation. They can go back to their work within 3-4 days.

Are the results of brow lift surgery permanent?

The given shape after the surgery is permanent. Nevertheless, as the years go by, forehead sags and consequently brows will slouch.

Is brow lift surgery sufficient itself?

It depends on the age and expectation of the patient. Brow lift surgery is sufficient alone for middle-aged patients in order to provide a youthful and lively appearance. In advancing ages, it can be more beneficial if this treatment applied in conjunction with blepharoplasty, forehead lift surgery and supraorbital aesthetic implementations.

How high are the brows lifted with brow lift surgery?

Brow lift surgery aims to give your face an attractive shape aligned with your face. During your physician’s examination before the operation, the results of the brow lift aesthetic is decided. If your requests may cause an unnatural look, you will be warned about this risk by your doctor.

What are the differences between the brow lift surgery and forehead lift surgery?

Forehead lift surgery is a surgery applied to get rid of creases on the forehead of people due to aging and give them a youthful appearance. It is applied to reduce the creases and furrows on the forehead of the patients who are over the age of 40.