Breast Lift

Breasts have always been considered as the symbols of femininity. Healthy and shapely breasts are complementary of a woman’s beauty and increases self-esteem of an individual. Aging, giving birth, gravity, breastfeeding, fluctuations in body weight and genetic factors cause the breasts to sag and lose their shape. This is a source of dissatisfaction for many women. The surgery which involves reshaping the skin for a full and round breast and usually the inner breast tissue as well to create a breast that is not as saggy as it once was is called breast lift surgery.

How breast lift surgery decision taken?

Sagging in breast tissue can depend on reasons such as age and changes in body weight etc. Therefore, different methods are applied in breast lift surgery. The technique to be used in the surgery is determined after physical examination by the doctor. People who do not have an active disease on their breasts and have not lactate for six months can receive this surgery. After the surgery, patients have a breast with fuller and rounder shape.

What to do before breast lift surgery?

Before breast lift surgery, your surgeon will examine you thoroughly. You are advised to quit smoking and taking blood thinners before the surgery. You will also be advised not to eat or drink anything six hours before the operation.

How does breast lift surgery work?

Breast lift is administered by a surgeon under hospital conditions. Methods to be used is determined according to the size and of the breasts, size of the nipple-areola, degree of sagging, and elasticity of the skin. With the adopted method, nipples and sagging breast tissue are reshaped and excessive skin is removed during this surgery.

Can breast lift be administered with breast implants?

If the patient has sagging breasts and she also wants her breasts to be bigger, breast lift and breast augmentation can be administered simultaneously.

What happens after breast lift?

Breast lift surgery takes two or three hours and it is administered under general anesthesia. Post-operative, intense pain is not expected. Swelling which may occur begins to disappear after a week. Since aesthetic stitches are applied during breast lift operations, there is no need to remove the stitches. They will naturally disappear in ten or twenty days. Although breasts will be rounder and fuller than expected after the surgery, they will take their natural shape after a month. Patients can move on their social and business life in three to four days and can begin physical activities in a month.

Do the breasts sag again after this surgery?

Breast lift is a surgery offering successful and permanent results. It helps to improve one’s looks and social problems. Although the appearance after the recovery process is permanent, pregnancy, fluctuations in body weight and breastfeeding may cause breasts to sag again.