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Body Aesthetics

Body Aesthetics

Below, you can find detailed information about the treatments we offer and learn about the treatment processes.

Liposuction 5


Excess fat can be detected anywhere in the body and is resistant to diet and exercise.

karin germe


Abdominal muscles can be lifted for reasons such as pregnancy, permanent weight gain, weight loss.

Popo Kaldirma 6

Butt Lift

All women would like to have a slim waist and an attractive butt appereance…

kol germe

Arm Lift

Skin sagging on the arms is one of the most common aesthetic problems.

bacak germe

Thigh Lift

As we age, our skin loses its elasticity and the effects of gravity become stronger…

boyun germe

Neck Lift

Since the neck plays an important role in the face, sagging and wrinkles are an important part of the person's face.

genital estetik

Genitalia Aesthetics

In women’s vaginal and vulvar areas, there can be some…