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After Liposuction Surgery

Liposuction Surgery

Liposuction Ameliyatı

If the liposuction surgery is performed under sedation anesthesia, you can stand up immediately afterward and go home after resting for a while.

You should use the corset that is dressed after liposuction surgery for 1 month. You will not have much pain thanks to the painkillers given immediately after and on the first day.

There may be mild pain that responds to painkillers the next day and for a few days afterward. Numbness, swelling, mild pain may continue for a while. Swelling and bruising may occur in the surgical field, depending on the tightness or looseness of your skin. This situation reaches the maximum phase in 5-6 days. Swelling will begin to improve after about 1 week.

After an average of 1 month, you can regain your new look. When you look at it from the outside in 1 month, no one will understand that you have had an operation, and you will have a clear result. There may be some stiffness under the skin after 1 month, and these stiffness will improve in an average of 3 months. After 6 months, you will be able to see your final state. These fats, which we have destroyed inside but cannot get out, will be absorbed by the body in 6 months and you will become the best.

If there are surface defects such as ripples, bumps, and orange peel appearance, which are generally called “cellulite” before liposuction surgery, they will decrease and lighten after liposuction, but will not disappear completely. It is recommended for surface correcting and firming applications such as Smoothshapes, LPG, Starvac, for better healing and acceleration. Although these applications are not essential, they also allow the edema to go faster.


Frequently Asked Questions

Your body's reactions to liposuction surgery are instantly evident. Targeted parts become more prominent and thinner. Your body lines reach their final form after three months.


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